Plate Heat Exchanger Gasket

Plate Heat Exchanger Gasket

Approx Price: Rs 1,200 / Kilogram(s) 
The Plate Heat Exchanger Gasket is the most economical and efficient type of heat exchanger on the market with its low cost, flexibility, easy maintenance, and high thermal efficiency. Plate heat exchanger consists of a number of gasketed plates which are fixed between a top carrying bar and a lower guide bar. The plates are compressed by means of tie bolts between a stationary frame part (the head) and a moveable frame part (the follower) Fluids enter the plate heat exchanger through frame connections and are distributed to plates. The flow to alternate passages between the plates is controlled by alternating the placement of gaskets. These are available in single and multi-pass units, depending upon the application.



  • Longer life

  • Precise

  • Excellent finish

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